microXpace's mission is to put advanced microbial applications at the frontline of the 'One Health' initiative.

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Alpha-Gal Immunity Innovation

Unlocking the power of natural antibodies! Researchers at microXpace, in collaboration with Lallemand, have harnessed the potential of alpha-Gal antibodies to combat pathogens in fish, birds, and humans. Our patented technology creates a 'ready-to-fight' state, offering simultaneous protection against parasitic and infectious diseases. Safe, eco-friendly solutions for a healthier world!

Gut Beneficial Bacteria to Fight Giardia

A group of microXpace researchers have recently discovered a novel therapeutic strategy to prevent/combat giardiasis: the world's most widespread zoonotic intestinal disease caused by the parasite Giardia intestinalis. These findings are based on the protective role of a probiotic bacterial strain.

Antimicrobiota Vaccine for Ectoparasites

Exciting breakthrough in sea lice control! Researchers from AquaBiotek, Inc., Chile and microXpace have discovered key bacteria in sea lice guts, which are essential for their survival. Leveraging this, we've developed a revolutionary orally administered vaccine for fish, ensuring stress-free, safe, and eco-friendly application. A game-changer for the global salmon industry!

Transforming Agriculture with Soil Microbiome Analysis

MicroXpace is proud to announce the launch of its dedicated branch focusing on soil health, a groundbreaking initiative that emerged from our collaboration with global partners in precision agriculture. This innovative venture aims to transform agricultural practices through the power of soil microbiome analysis, enabling more sustainable and productive farming. Discover how we're leading the way in personalized farming solutions.


Years of Experience

Leading Innovators in Microbial Solutions

Pioneering Microbial Technologies for Global Health and Sustainability

microXpace, a “DeepTech” company recognized by Bpifrance, specializes in advanced microbial solutions for health and sustainable food production. Our mission is rooted in combating infectious diseases through innovative technologies like Alpha-Gal Solutions, focusing on aquaculture and poultry industries. We emphasize environmental sustainability and building a community of academics, biotech firms, and innovators for collaborative progress.

  • 'One Health' Initiative Alignment
  • Alpha-Gal Antibody Research
  • Symbiotic Microbiota Studies
  • Environmental Sustainability Focus
We are SPECIALISTS in Microbial Technologies

Why Choose Us

Innovative Microbial Solutions

Leading "DeepTech" microbial technology for health and sustainability.

Sustainable and Safe

Eco-friendly solutions targeting infectious diseases in aquaculture and poultry.

Community-Focused Research

Collaborative innovation with academics, biotech firms, and innovators.

Expert Leadership and Team

Passionate experts driving global health and well-being innovations.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Vaidas Palinauskas

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

CEO of microXpace and chief researcher at the P.B. Šivickis Parasitology Laboratory of the Nature Research Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania. He is a highly accomplished parasitologist working on avian blood parasites with more than 10 years of experience and more than 70 publications in scientific journals. In recent years, studies focused on genetic factors and their impact on the virulence of avian malarial parasites, ecological factors important for the spread of vector-borne pathogens, and the role of microbiota in pathogen development and transmission. In 2018 he was elected to the Young Academy of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences and served as Chair of the Young Academy in 2022. He has also been vice president of the Scandinavian-Baltic Society for Parasitology since 2013.

Dr. Alejandro Cabezas-Cruz

CSO - Chief Scientific Officer

Principal investigator at the French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment (INRAE). Alejandro graduated as a veterinarian and has 15+ years of experience as a scientist with big contributions to the study of α-Gal immunity and vector-borne diseases. He has more than 160 publications and received the ‘Odile Bain Memorial Prize’ (OBMP) 2017 for his outstanding contribution in the field of parasitology. Dr. Cabezas-Cruz is the inventor of two patents. Alejandro holds an MSc in Parasitology from the University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic, and two PhDs from the University of Lille, France, and the University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain.

Dr. Astrid Holzer

CAI - Chief Aquaculture Innovation

CAI of microXpace and Head of Fish Protistology at the Institute of Parasitology, Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences, is a parasitologist with experience in molecular host-parasite interactions as well as parasite transmission ecology. She focusses on the development of anti-parasitic strategies via functional diets and vaccines for aquaculture. She contributes to large EU-funded efforts aiming at controlling parasite burdens in fish and to the development of commercial products with several industrial partners.

Dr. Dasiel Obregon

CTO - Chief Technology Officer

Veterinarian and scientist with 15+ years of experience in preventive veterinary medicine and microbial ecology. He is an internationally recognized researcher in the field of ecoepidemiology of vector-borne diseases and the host-microbiota-pathogen interactions with outstanding scientific contributions. Dr. Dasiel is passionate about exploring multi-omics data, microbiome analyses, and discovering microbial-based solutions to animal health issues. Dr. Dasiel holds an MSc in Preventive Veterinary Medicine from the Agrarian University of Havana (UNAH), Cuba, and two PhDs, one in Animal Health from the National Center for Animal and Plant Health (CENSA), Cuba, and the other in Microbial Ecology from the University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil.

Dr. Luis Bermúdez

Project Leader

Research Director at the French National Institute of Agricultural Research (INRAE), is a molecular microbiologist with 20 years of experience in probiotics, commensals, and recombinant bacteria (recLAB). He is an international leader in the field of host-bacteria interactions and isolation and characterization of novel bacterial strains for the development of probiotic supplements for human and animal health with more than 120 publications on these topics and 8 patents. His outstanding scientific contributions have been recognized by the scientific community with several international honours and awards.

Dr. Camille Chauvin

Executive Assistant and Office Manager

Researcher at the French Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM), is an immunologist with many years of experience in cancer research, vaccines, but also mucosal immunology. She conducted her PhD thesis in Nantes, France, on cancer immunology. She developed her expertise in some prestigious institutions in France, such as the Curie Institute, the Pasteur Institutes (Paris and Lille), but also abroad, at Oxford University and at the University College of London.

Dr. Maykel Andres Galloso-Hernández

CCRO - Chief Clinical Research Officer

Veterinarian and scientist with 15+ years of experience in clinical sciences and animal behaviour. He conducted his PhD thesis on the behaviour of buffaloes and Cattle in tropical environments. Maykel is an entrepreneur at heart and currently has his veterinary clinic in Mungia, Spain. Maykel has an MSc in Animal nutrition from the University of Matanzas, Cuba, and a PhD from the University of Cordoba, Spain.

MEc, Esther Moreno Carraceo


Esther Moreno Carraceo, a seasoned finance expert with 30 years of experience, has worked in various roles. She taught at Instituto Politécnico Enrique Villegas Martínez (1992-2001) and Centro Universitario Sancti Spíritus (2001-2006), then was Accounting Director at CENPALAB (2006-2022). Esther holds two Master's degrees in Marketing, Business Management, and Communication from ESEM (2001) and the University of Havana (2006), and specialized in Accounting at the University of Havana (2018). She has completed numerous industry courses and is pursuing a Doctorate in Economic Sciences, focusing on animal production costs, at a Spanish institution. Her dedication enriches our financial aspect in our team.

Carlos Rodriguez


Carlos is an Automation Specialist with over 15 years of diverse experience in the automation industry. His expertise encompasses industrial bulk material handling, food processing, image recognition, object detection, and water treatment, along with motion control systems. Carlos's career features an array of projects, from constructing electrical systems to designing complex process control systems. This breadth of work has honed his skills and deepened his understanding of different facets of automation technology. Known for his adaptability and versatility, Carlos is well-versed in various renowned systems, showcasing his extensive expertise in the field.

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Exciting News: We’re Participating in the Animal AgTech Summit 2024!

We are thrilled to announce that our startup will be participating in the prestigious Animal AgTech Summit 2024! This event is a premier platform for innovative early-stage companies to connect, collaborate, and seek investment opportunities. Stay tuned for more updates and follow us on our journey at the Animal AgTech Summit 2024! For more information […]



Promising new technology developed by microXpace and Lallemand Animal Nutrition

Alpha-Gal tech to enhance parasite defense in fish and poultry.


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