microXpace's mission is to put advanced microbial applications at the frontline of the 'One Health' initiative.

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Project Overview

Beneficial bacteria in the gut have undergone millions of years of evolution within invertebrate hosts, such as sea lice. The enduring symbiotic relationship between microbes and animals has successfully navigated the forces of natural selection, with the microbiota seamlessly meeting the metabolic needs of their arthropod hosts. Within the gut microbiota of sea lice, bacteria play a crucial role in complementing metabolic functions and producing essential metabolites, contributing to the ectoparasites' survival in their natural environment.

A collaborative effort between researchers from Chile and microXpace led to the discovery of specific bacteria in the midguts of sea lice. These bacteria fill metabolic pathways that are absent in the lice's genome. Furthermore, these bacteria were successfully isolated and cultivated ex vivo, paving the way for their use in groundbreaking vaccines designed to combat this pest.


We employ a unique proprietary technology harnessing sea lice microbiota bacteria to create an orally administered vaccine for controlling sea lice in fish. This groundbreaking product, designed for easy mass application through feed, ensures a stress-free administration. Notably, it guarantees complete safety and environmental friendliness. This innovative solution marks a significant advancement in combating sea lice, the primary ectoparasite impacting the global salmon industry.