microXpace's mission is to put advanced microbial applications at the frontline of the 'One Health' initiative.

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Project Overview

Gut beneficial bacteria have evolved for millions of years within their vertebrate hosts such as fish, birds and humans. The symbiotic relationship between microbes and animals survived natural selection because the microbiota protects the host against major threats such as infectious diseases. Bacteria in the gut microbiota express the glycan alpha-Gal, and induce the production of natural anti-alpha-Gal antibodies.

A group of researchers (some of them co-founders of microXpace) discovered that natural anti-alpha-Gal antibodies can kill major pathogens affecting fish, birds and humans alike. We also learned to modulate the natural immune response to alpha-Gal and put the animal in a 'ready-to-fight' state protecting it against several pathogens simultaneously.


microXpace is using a patented technology to, together with our biotech partner Lallemand, develop a collection of products to protect fish and birds against major parasitic and infectious diseases simultaneously. The envisaged product will be completely safe and environmentally friendly.